Control Systems

A PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER (PLC) is an industrial computer control system that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices.

SRS' automatic systems are equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure (Purged for Class 1, Division 1 environments). The user interface prompts the operator through comprehensive menus to set up the operating system functions. This enables the PLC to operate the system automatically while providing displayed current status information.

Almost any production line, machine function, or process can be greatly enhanced using this type of control system. However, the biggest benefit in using a PLC is the ability to change and replicate the operation or process while collecting and communicating vital information.

Another advantage of a PLC system is that it is modular. That is, you can mix and match the types of Input and Output devices to best suit your application.

The PLC monitors system and auxillary equipment sensors, flow rates, temperatures, fault conditions, and contacts to verify proper grounding, before initiating the start function.

Fault conditions are diagnosed and clearly displayed on the HMI, to ensure operator safety and ease of operation. The unit is systematically shut down in a fail safe mode in the event of a fault condition or at the end of the cycle.


 ABB Bailey INFI 90
 ABB Fischer & Porter DCI
 Allen-Bradley ProcessLogix
 Delta V
 Fisher-Rosemount RS3
 Honeywell TDC/TPS Systems
 Honeywell Plantscape
 Honeywell Experion
 Siemens Simantic PCS
 Siemens Moore APACS

 Allen-Bradley SLC
 Allen-Bradley PLC5
 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
 Allen-Bradley MicroLogix
 General Electric 90/70
 Koyo DirectLogic
 Modicon Quantum
 Modicon 884/984
 Siemens APT
 Siemens S7

 Allen-Bradley - PanelView
 Rockwell - RSView, RSBatch
 Siemens - WinCC, OSx
 Wonderware - InTouch, InTrack,
 InControl, InBatch, InSQL


Versatility and Compatibility

SRS is committed to maintain its technical leadership position in the industry, and offers a comprehensive choice of PLC and DCS platforms from leading manufacturers, to accommodate standards that may already exist with many of our customers facilities.

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